Everything about METEO CONSULT


METEO CONSULT is a private and independent weather and meteorological studies bureau.


The company has its own specialised computing resources to work out the forecasts. These powerful systems, operated by a team of experienced meteorologists, are linked to supercomputers in the USA and Great Britain, processing the collected data through the observation networks of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).


METEO CONSULT's ambition remains to develop useful services linked to the environment in order to participate in the protection of goods and people, and to extend its broadcast area to EUROPE. The help and information supplied by METEO CONSULT concern all activities which depend on the climatic conditions. METEO CONSULT's services are personalised and interactive. The company provides forecasts, studies and meteorological monitoring. Moreover, METEO CONSULT broadcasts local, national and international meteorological forecasts as well as specialised maritime reports and snowfall warnings.