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Weather Varde

Denmark (Region of Southern Denmark)
Time / Hour

Today's Forecast

Today in Varde, warning: strong gusts.
Temperatures will vary between 15 and 16°C.

The reliability of the situation is good.

9:00 to 12:00

15° Feels Like 10°
SO 30 km/h Gust 55 km/h
Overcast sky.
Risk of a few drops of rain.
Risk of rain 40 %

This afternoon

16° Feels Like 11°
SO 35 km/h Gust 60 km/h
Very cloudy to overcast sky.
Aucun risque de pluie

This evening

15° Feels Like 10°
SO 35 km/h Gust 65 km/h
Very cloudy sky turning overcast.
Light rain gradually becoming heavier.
Risk of rain 90 %


Light showers or intermittent light rain
13° Feels Like 8°
O 25 km/h Gust 55 km/h
Very cloudy sky with short clear periods.
A few light showers.
Risk of rain 90 %

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Of 05 October, in Varde

  • Day
    -5 min
  • Waxing
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Placid and Maurus

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