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Today in Scottsdale, the weather will become more uncertain during the day.
Temperatures will vary between 27 and 39°C.
The reliability of the situation is good.


Slightly cloudy
28° Feels Like 26°
Gusts 20 km/h E 10 km/h
Good weather with few clouds.
No risk of rain

This morning

Slightly cloudy
27° Feels Like 26°
Gusts 10 km/h Calm
Good weather with few clouds.
No risk of rain
UV index 10 Very high

This afternoon

Showers or developing rain
39° Feels Like 45° due to the sun
Gusts 20 km/h SW 15 km/h
Light passing clouds that do not affect the sunny weather.
Showers falling at the end of the afternoon.
Risk of rain 50 %
UV index 11 Extreme

This evening

Showers or stormy rain
29° Feels Like 26° due to the wind
Gusts 50 km/h NE 25 km/h
Long clear periods, with a risk of changing to thundery weather.
Gradually fading light showers.
Risk of rain 60 %


Alternating sunshine and cloud
28° Feels Like 27°
Gusts 15 km/h NE 10 km/h
Clear periods and passing clouds, sometimes heavy.
No risk of rain


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