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Weather Gerkesklooster

Netherlands (Friesland)
Time / Hour

Today's Forecast

This afternoon in Gerkesklooster, Skies progressively clouding over with storms forming. Showers towards the end of the night.
The reliability of the situation is good.

This afternoon

Stormy showers, or developing rainstorms
28° Feels Like 30°
S 15 km/h Gust 30 km/h
Gradually turning overcast and changing to thundery weather.
Showers falling at the end of the afternoon.
Risk of rain 65 %

This evening

Intermittent light rain or light showers
17° Feels Like 12°
NO 25 km/h Gust 50 km/h
Very cloudy sky turning overcast.
Light showers followed by rain.
Risk of rain 95 %


Light rain
15° Feels Like 12°
O 15 km/h Gust 35 km/h
Overcast sky.
Light rain clearing gradually.
Risk of rain 95 %

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Of 30 June, in Gerkesklooster

  • Day
    -1 min
  • Waxing
  • Sunrise
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  • Martial

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